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COTO DOŃANA - the Serengeti of Europe
by Alberto B. Scalia


A detailed article on the Coto Donana National Park indicated by many, and rightly so, as the Serengeti of Europe. In migratory periods (April-May and September-October) something like 6 million of birds, of dozens different species, congregate in an area twice the size of Lake Garda, creating a concentration of bird life is unique in Europe. Then the photographer opens many possibilities, sometimes unique such as the Iberian lynx, the blue magpie and the African chameleon. An excellent photographic report and a great tool for guidance.


HOOPOE - the more exotic wing of Valle d'Aosta
by Alain Ghignone


Every year in Valle d'Aosta, in April, return with punctuality hoopoes. These individuals represent a beautiful photographic experience enjoyable and fascinating. They stretch their necks and raise the crest if annoyed, their leaps backward to fly and their bickering, make it undoubtedly one of the favorite subjects of the nature photographer.
An article that represent also a tribute by the author to these beautiful birds.

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