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I was born in Tripoli, Libya, on May 2, 1960. The wild and rugged nature of northern Africa was the cradle of my naturalistic training and has undoubtedly addressed my love for nature and its inhabitants. I began photographing at the age of 15 years with a Praktica who stole my father. Immediately, the subjects were animals, above all insects. Today I love photographing the landscape but an animal in the crosshairs of the reflex give me a particular pleasure still. In 1999 I founded, together with some members the Popular Tirrenyan University of Natural Sciences in Latina and, for it, I have organized exhibitions on biodiversity, book presentations to natural background and not, like those of Folco Quilici, courses about animal ethology in schools of all levels, scientific researches on field and international photography contests. Today I teach nature photography and I still enjoy photographing nature and its inhabitants in every moment I can.


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I was born in Monza, where I still live. My photographic journey started from the time when, in the years of high school, I got my first SLR for gift in 1960. I started with the Reportage and Still-life, dedicating to the development and printing of my photographs. The desire to escape from the city and from the multitude of people, has made me closer to nature photography, which alone can know myself give unique sensations and intense. And is with it that I found the sense of freedom that you can enjoy only if immersed in unspoiled nature and I rediscovered and amplified primitive senses, lost through living in environments transformed by man.
It started so my challenge with the life in front of me, in order to snatch, without cause him damage, its image that will be mine forever.



I was born in 1977 in Aosta where I currently live.
I am an agronomist specializing in ruminant feed, particularly cattles. I work since 2003 with The National Valdostan Association of Cattle Breeders: The ANABoRaVa.
I used, in the nineties, a Contax film and in 2000 my father, also an enthusiast photography, gave me my first digital.
After using several compact, in 2007 I made the plunge and bought my first digital SLR, the Nikon D80. Now I use with a lot of satisfaction the Nikon D800 and D3s, in my view, the flagship of the Japanese in terms of wildlife photography . As soon as possible, I use to spend most of my free time looking for new birds to be photographed in their natural environment.




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