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Echoesofwild is a website that focuses exclusively on wildlife. It borns from the necessity by some photographers to share their images of nature between them and with others. The photography of wildlife and birdlife, in our country, is a quite complex exercise, both for the difficulties inherent in this kind of photography, than for obbiettive conditions of suffering of our birdlife and especially our fauna. The authors of the website keen to point out that all the photos published were captured causing minimal disturbance to the animals. This for an ethologically correct approach to wildlife. The species depicted were photographed in complete freedom. Otherwise, as in the rare cases of animals photographed in areas or under controlled conditions, this is expressly stated in the captions. The animals pictured are, in large part, those of our country but there are also galleries related to fauna and birdlife of the rest of the world.


The galleries of the site are categorized by author, by topic or by type of animal or species. They may be thematic, monographic or mixed. The images shown are trying to seize the animals in their natural environment and in particular behaviors of different stages of their ethology. Good vision.



Published articles may relate, in essence, the protagonists of the photographs of this site, the animals, or the techniques and work that were needed to photograph them. Technical details, tests, field trials and more, complete the page.


The portals are now the very used by professional and amateurs photographers. Both in terms of visibility that can give their work, both as a way to deal with the other authors. Echoesofwild is present at the major portals such as National Geographic, 500px, Whitake, Flickr.



Echoesofwild is present on the most important Social Network such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. As frequently as possible we publish our photographs and discuss them with those who want to join us on our pages.


The sharing of our work is a concept behind the creation of this site. For this we have created a blog in which to discuss technical issues related to nature photography, or simply of topics related to the realization of a photograph. Those who want to interact with us can do so here.



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